MUSE x Adore Me

Founded in 2010, Adore Me is the New York based women’s underwear brand that focuses on luxury and comfort, whilst always promoting “body positivity” and “inclusivity”.


Wanting to effectively market their products to their target audience of empowered women they reached out to MUSE The Agency in hopes of working with some of our beautiful talent.


Our strong women Ayesha Perry-Iqbal, Savannah Sievers and Zea Gyamapoh, were all selected to digitally market the beautiful pieces Adore Me offers across their socials. Savannah has worked with the brand consistently for over a year now, whilst Ayesha and Zea have recently been booked for a 5 month contract.


Producing beautiful video and image content on a monthly basis, our MUSEs successfully showcase and digitally market the items to their combined following of 1.7 million people. From the impressive amount of engagement such content generates, our client receives a high return on their investment…