Savanna Sievers x Saks Fifth Avenue

Founded all the way back in 1867, Saks Fifth Avenue is to this day the leading luxury retailer in America. Supplying it’s shoppers with not only men and women’s fashion, but also accessories, homeware, children’s clothing, children’s toys and beauty products.


Wanting to change with the digitally progressive times and stay relevant across social media, Saks recently decided to launch their own TikTok page to market their company and their stocked items. Wanting to ensure their account effectively and appropriately advertised their business, the company approached MUSE The Agency for a helping hand in what is our area of expertise.


After examining our extensive roster of content creators, the luxury retailer landed on our natural beauty, Savanna Sievers, as the perfect talent for their brief. Our MUSE was invited on a day out to downtown LA to showcase Saks fashion and beauty whilst creating original content for them to post to their TikTok feed.


Savanna’s video was a huge success and generated an astounding amount of engagement with over 187k views in just one week. Positively advertising the retailer to their target audience and directing consumers to the website and purchase the items shown, earning our client a high return on their investment.


Our girl also took pieces of original video content throughout her day to produce a ‘Day In The life’ video for her own TikTok and instagram page, further promoting Saks Firth Avenue to her combined social following of 951.8k