SS22 Trends – ‘Feather Fever’

It’s official, we have feather fever.

Dated back to the 1700s, this trend was once seen as an extravagant luxury donned exclusively by lords, ladies and royalty, namely and most famously, Marie Antoinette Queen of France. Fast forwards a few hundred years, and feathers had became a regular appearance in the clothing of glamorous black-and-white screen stars such as Jean Harlow and Zsa Zsa Gabor. 

Thankfully, in 2022, feathers are no longer a detail reserved solely for the hems of Old Hollywood celebrity’s floor length dressing gowns. These days, this revitalised style has taken a much more casual approach to the fashion world, appearing across both luxury designer and popular high-street stores in products from shoes to bags, mini skirts to crop tops.

The best thing about this trend? You don’t need to commit to a full outfit built around feathers, instead you can incorporate micro-feather hints in jewellery, such as a pair of feather-trimmed earrings.