SS22 Trends – ‘Uniforms Upside Down’

Fashion never fails to impress us, and spring/summer 22 trends are no different. We are seeing classic pieces and combinations familiar to what we once wore back at school take serious steps into the limelight, but with a punky, rebellious edge. The continual concept for this trend across the runways seemed to be; take the once enforced rules of a school uniform and flip them on their heads. 

Whether you’re introducing a few key elements of this trend into your fits, be it in the form of black loafers or a ripped, v-neck knitted vest or going the full nine yards, do so dangerously. Make the pleated school skirts mini, have the shirts cropped or nearly fully unbuttoned so your stomach is out on display, the stocks can be ripped and the makeup playful. 

Even if you always leaned towards the more sporty school activities, why not try out a rugby shirt or oversized cricket jumper?

Maybe this trend has been revitalised by designers who found fashion safety in what we already know? Whatever the reason, we love it and hope it’s here to stay.