At MUSE, inclusivity has always been at the top of our agenda. With this in mind, we decided to push away from socially constructed beauty ideals and launched MUSE CURVE. With over 25 beautifully proud curve girls on our roster we believe that beauty comes from all backgrounds, ethnicities, shapes and sizes.

Unfortunately, our curve talent are experiencing unwarranted censorship across their social platforms. Time and time again, women with curvier body types are finding their images and videos are being censored, shadow banned (when a user is partially blocked without notice) or even completely taken down from the platform. 

The reasons sited have ranged from “adult sexual solicitation” to “hate speech and symbols” however, these judgments are wildly inaccurate.

Starting out as hypocrisy, quickly snowballs into further issues…engagement becomes lower and through content (which our talent work so hard to create and perfect) being removed it is limiting their opportunities.

Interestingly, none of our non-curve talent have found they are faced with this problem when posting such content. Seeming that this immense hypocrisy is directed at only one category, plus size. These outdated socially constructed beauty ideals have found their way into our social media algorithms, constructing what is deemed ‘acceptable’ and what is worthy of being censored.

We are adamant to do something about this, currently we are reaching out to brands for support on the matter. We are all hoping to drive this offensive and utterly outdated issue toward a fair and positive resolution for all!