Natalie Violette x Spotify

Wanting to increase awareness and consideration of their brand to the targeted ‘Gen Z’ demographic (13-17 year-olds), Spotify created a new digital marketing strategy. To make this plan most effective, the brand wanted to ensure they utilised two huge pillars in the lives of the modern teenager; TikTok and Prom. To execute this plan, Spotify reached out to MUSE The Agency, the lead in influencer marketing across a multitude of social channels.


After careful consideration of our extensive roster of talent, our client hand selected our makeup guru, Natalie Violette, for this collaboration opportunity.  Our MUSE was briefed with creating not only a DIY, artist-inspired, makeup video for her TikTok feed, but also with making her own prom night Spotify playlist which she would encourage viewers to listen to.


Natalie went above and beyond when it came to this task, producing eye-catching content which sold the brand to their desired audience and others. The TikTok proved to be a huge success, generating 101.7k plays in the first 5 days of its live date and directing significant traffic to the Spotify app or the app store.


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